Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I Have Been Up To The Last Little Bit!

It's been a while since I wrote so I will hurry and catch up the last few weeks, so here are some things that I have done (sorry this isn't the best post):

1. I started school again, and it started rocky because it made me miss Dustin SO much! EVERYTHING reminded me of him.
2. I have been very frustrated with art and school but things are looking up again.
3. We got an APARTMENT!!!!!!!! That's very exciting!
4. I set my endowment session at the Timpanogas Temple for December 19! I can't wait!
5. I have been eating healthier and exercising
6. I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow.
7. I'm learning how to sculpt
8. I went and saw Fame with Aubrey and many others!
9. I went to Dairy Queen to get ice cream, and it was AMaZinG! Since I have been craving ice cream for a long time!
10. Been looking out for the trees to start changing colors because I love fall.
11. Also I have been adding phone minutes with DUSTIN :)
12. I have met some new friends!
13. And I have been going to bed early (sometimes) and that's pretty amazing.
14. I have gotten addicted to Project Runway. 
15. I'm super excited about Halloween.
16. I got Dustin's present already, his birthday is on October 10th!

Well, that's all I could think of for now, I will try and be better at posting things!

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Clarissa said...

Less than 3 months left that is crazy!! I am so glad that you are getting married down here so that I can hopefully come!! How is all of the planning going?