Thursday, October 22, 2009


Our wedding announcement

In two months from today Dustin and I will be married! I can't wait!!!!! Today was an exciting day because I got our announcement samples in the mail, and it was fun to see the announcements! My sister-in-law did an amazing job!!!! Also today and work I received a little surprise from Dustin, there were gerber daisies on my desk and a note saying he wished he was here with me and that we just have two more months until we are sealed together!!!! Again, Dustin does something for me!!!
The wedding plans are going really well, we just booked our luncheon at the Joseph Smith building, my dress is getting cleaned and pressed, the announcements are getting printed, we have our stuff set for the apartment. Pretty much everything is done but a few odds and ends! So things are going great besides the distance thing, it's been really hard.
Another exciting thing is my brother and his cute little family is coming next week! And I can't wait! I'm greatly blessed!


Charles and Nancy said...

I love your wedding announcement! I'm so excited for you to get married in two months! Good luck with everything!

Rooneys said...

Hey its' Candice, Aubreys sister.
You guys are so cute! It's good to see everything is going well! befoer you know you will be married and it will go by so fast. Married life is much fun you will love it!

Anonymous said...

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