Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today we went to Thomas' 1 year check up and he's doing great, and developing good! For this last appointment I was nervous  because I felt like Thomas hasn't gained that much weight and I was afraid they were going to say he was under weight, but the little guy did gain some weight! He's still little but the doctor wasn't worried, he is now 18lbs 6oz and 31inches.
During the appointment the doctor asked if he said any words, and I told him he's still babbling, so no, but for those who have been around Thomas know he loves saying "eh" and loves when you say it back and forth with him, and he did that in the appointment and the Dr said that counts as a word, so I guess Thomas' first word is "eh?". Maybe the next one will be dada or mama, who knows?


Nancy said...

That's so cute! Before too long he'll be talking like crazy. It happens so fast!

Josalyn said...

Wow! I can't believe he's one! He looks so old! I hope you guys are doing well!