Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When Hayden and Lara Came to Texas

This past week, Dustin's brother, Hayden, and his wife, Lara,  came to visit here in good old Texas. So of course we did some fun activities. Right after they landed last Wednesday we went out for lunch and went straight to the Fort Worth Zoo. Thomas was excited to come back to show Dustin all the animals, since we just went a few weeks ago. 
It was a perfect day and all the animals were out and about. We got to see the crocodiles very close and we even had a gorilla come up close and personal, it was crazy, he really liked Oliver and really interacted with him, it was an awesome moment. 
Then afterwards everyone went to a baseball game and I drove the kids home and had the night to myself.
On Thursday we went to the Arboretum, I think that was the third time this last month, but I always love going to the Arboretum. The flowers were really pretty and the kids love running around, we even got to play in some water fountains.
Also, thanks to uncle Hayden, Thomas caught his first fish! He loved it. He went three times that day and he kept asking to go back out.
Their little visit went too fast, we already miss them. We always love having visitors.

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The Clarks said...

It was great seeing you guys! Thanks for making it so fun!