Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is Good!

Well life is good!!! Dustin and I have been dating almost two weeks, but I kind of have this two week curse, where I will only like a guy for two weeks, so we tease that he has till Saturday so we better live it up!!! Well the last two weeks have been quite fun, Dustin and I started reading the "Tale of Two Cities" which is always a highlight every night after long hours of homework. We also have little goals that we want to do while we are dating. Two of them we did the last two weeks, Dustin and I went to Craigo's and got a cookie monster because he has never had one, also we watched "Horton hears a who" which is such a cute show. We also have other goals we would like to do such as write a song, and make dinner together, and much more!
It's been really fun so far because we are both art majors we spent long nights in the Spori building but it's fun because we help each other out. Also since we spend such long days there, one day Dustin surprised me and made me lunch! And he seriously makes the best Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches! What's also really fun is that all the art teachers are having a kick with the idea of us dating, that I have one art teacher that always comes up to me and asks "how's Dustin?" and he laughs.... I used to be kind of embarrassed about it but now I respond by winking and saying "He's doing really good!!!" ha ha!
He also has been coming to my house every Sunday to eat and afterwards we play Settlers with Paul, Bri, and my dad and it gets real competitive. So live is good!


Charles and Nancy said...

You guys are so cute together! I'm so glad that everything is going well!

Kim said...

Hey Jessica! Its Kim, from Porters! Your artwork is AMAZING, and both you and your man look SO cute together:-)
I also have a blog, and if you want an 'invite'...just email me at Good luck with your INTENSE art classes, and I hope we can keep in touch:-)