Friday, May 1, 2009

The First Couple of Weeks of School

The first couple of weeks of school have been busy. It's been crazy trying to get everything done in a day between school, work, and wedding plans. Many people have warned Dustin and I that people generally fail the semester they are engaged, so we are determined to prove people wrong. So we have been in the art building almost every single night trying to get our projects done! So I'm already burnt out ha ha!
But this semester is going really well and really fun besides being busy. I'm taking Intro to Illustration, Head drawing(again), Shakespeare, D&C, and a Cake Decorating class. 
Cake Decor class is really fun, hard, but fun. But I'm learning some really neat techniques in baking and decorating. The class is also a very humbling experience because I'm not very good. My first cake turned out ok, I would never give it to someone, but I did learn a lot and I think I will do better next time. But I will admit the cake was very good even though it didn't look good. 
While Dustin and I were eating it, I must admit we were having too much fun having a little food fight! I attacked him a lot better than he did to me!!

Pictures of us after the cake fight! I seriously love Dustin sooooo much! He is soooo good to me!

The cake and me laughing about it because I was so embarrassed how it looked.
The cake, yeah... let's hope I get better. Also notice the pb&j sandwiches on the side, that's what Dustin survives on.

Working in the Spori building as always.... determined to keep up the good grades while we are engaged!!

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