Sunday, May 31, 2009

How did I get so lucky?????

This past week Dustin has done a lot for me!!!!!!! I don't know how I got so lucky to be with him. I have been in a lot of stress the last few weeks and he seriously has sticked with me through the thick and thin and I can't thank him enough. He has done so much for me this last week.
Every Tuesday and Thursday I have a late class that goes till 9p.m. and a lot of the time I'm way hungry about time I get out of that class. Well this last Thursday Dustin brought me dinner during the class and there was a note in the paper sack thanking me for making his day and that he loves me!!!!! And I'm always blown away how sweet he is.
Also this last week I have been sick, like really sick. I have probably lost at least 5 pounds this week, and haven't been myself lately. When I'm in a lot of stress my body tends to just shut down and not function well; and just between school, engagement, and just daily life I think my body just had it for this week.
Well this last Saturday when I woke up I was in a lot of pain, I could barely move that I decided to stay home and not go to school and draw. Well, being as lucky as I am, Dustin came over to just visit me, but he not only came but he brought with him some gerber daisies and a note wishing me to start feeling better!! He's such a gem, I really don't know how I got this lucky! I'm truly blessed!

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