Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I finally broke down and purchased some photoshop photo editing actions. Before I have been just editing my pictures on my own and it was pretty much self taught. I felt that my editing skills were good for being an amateur, but I always wanted to get the florabella actions because I love them, but they aren't the cheapest either, and soooo many times there have been times when Dustin has told me to get them, and I was so close in getting them, so close that I  had all my credit card info and all I need to click  "purchase" but I never could because I kept thinking "I can can just edit pictures on my own and just keep self teaching". But than I would keep eyeing at Florabella's actions all the time, I would try to mimic the look I wanted and I would get close but I was never satisfied. 
Another reason I didn't get the actions before was because I felt in a way it was limited, because the bundle of actions would have only so many looks, while I wanted more than they offered. Than Florabella came with a bundle that had actions that you could mix and match, and switch up and stuff, than it made it have unlimited options, that I couldn't help myself, and since I have recently earned some money through art commissions and babysitting, I finally broke down and got them!!!
I really like this bundle because you can do the faded look, that is popular right now, or bright, bold colors. So here are some pictures that I had fun editing the other night, some I have already posted on the blog, but I wanted to redo some for fun, since I haven't had a chance to take pictures since I've purchased the actions. Each one I did something different, some are more different than others, but I'm still trying to figure out what looks good, also what I like too now that I got these actions I can see how the lady did them so I'm also learning more editing tricks, which is a bonus. 

                     Of course I didn't take this picture but I wanted to have some fun with some wedding pictures.  

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Sara and Brad Forbush said...

These look great! You have much to teach me :)