Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blogger's Block

So I have been having a blogger's block the last week, hence the lack of blogging, I just haven't really had anything to say, life seems to calm down a little since the holidays so I really couldn't think anything to write about.
But this week was a lot of fun, this last weekend Dustin & I were spoiled with great friends and great dinners. On Friday we had dinner with the Williams, which is always a delight and sooo much laughter, and of course great food (we do a lot of the William's I need to start taking pictures of all the fun times with them). Than Saturday we went to Churrascaria at Universal with the WIlliam's and the St. Clair's to celebrate us winning the best decorated garage from Halloween. It was sooo fun, since Adam works at Universal we had valet parking (yes, I felt like an important person or something), but that wasn't the best part, the food was aMAzEIng! It was a all you can eat Brazilian Grill, and they brought the food to you , all you had to do is flip this coaster-like thing on the green side and they just keep bringing you all the meats to try out. Oh my goodness it was so good, and I felt like royalty there, I ask for food and they brought it too me, I could live like that everyday. Not only was the food good, but just hanging out was a lot of fun, there is always laughter when we hang out with our friends. Afterwards it was so hard to move (I wore maternity pants because I knew I would want the extra room). Than today, or yesterday since it's after 12, we had dinner with the Denham's and it too was so good, I'm pretty sure I put on three pounds this weekend, my sunday dress was a little tighter this week, oops.... it was a tasty weekend for the Clark's.

Since I didn't have pictures of the weekend I decided to post pictures of Thomas, my favorite subject to photograph, but it's hard to get a good picture of this kid, he's always on the move. 
A little update about Thomas....
he loves drinking juice or milk and cuddling with me while watching a movie ( I love it)
He's favorite movie is Despicable Me, he will watch the one thing, it's really funny because he will dance to the music and laugh at the minions. 
He has no interested in walking, but I'm not worried because when he wants to, one day he will just do it, he's been like that with all the stages, when he decides he wants to learn something he will figure it out in one day and be off. 

Some exciting things we are looking forward to this month is Dustin's parents and grandparents are coming to visit us! I can't wait!

Scrapbooking paper is of course designed by my AMAZING sis-in law Crystal Wilkerson.

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Nancy said...

How fun!! I want to eat at a place like that sometime!

Oh, and I totally get bloggers block too sometimes. I really want to post something but life is a little boring at times so my posts are either silly or I don't post. Then other times I have like 50 ideas and want to post them all but then people won't look at them all.