Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Nerd in Me.

Books from Christmas 

I have a lot of nerdy things about me, one of them is my obsession of books, and collecting books. I love to read, I remember the first book I read that introduce me to the world of books, it was James and the Giant Peach from Roald Dahl, and after that I read most of his books, than later I got into Goosebumps, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Mary Higgins Clark's books, and many more. 
In 7th grade I started reading some of the classics, and the first one was Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and I loved it! I have read it two times since then, and that book introduced me to the world of the classics. In high school one my favorite classes was AP English because most of the class we read classics and analyzed and discussed them. 
Another nerdy thing about me is that I love to buy books, and buy nice copies and to keep them nice and new. Dustin teases me about it, but back in Idaho I probably have 3 boxes full of books, and a lot of them I haven't had the chance to read yet. When we moved a year ago I didn't bring any, and now I have at least 15 in our closet and Dustin teased me that I can't get anymore until I have read every book in the closet. Well I have read all the ones I had before Christmas and some that I got for Christmas so I just need to read 5, I can do that!
This last year I have been able to read a lot more since I'm not in college anymore, so my goal was to read 12 books this year and I manage to read 16, and it was great. I just barely started a book club starting this year that I'm very excited about. 
So if you have any books that you have read and love, let me know because I want a good list of books for this coming year.
Here is the list of books I read this year:
The Hunger Games series (3 books)  I thought it was a fun quick read.
Little Women   I loved it, I can see why some might think it's boring, but I loved how it was written, it was a lot of short stories of all the sisters.
Water for Elephants:   I liked the book, but it did have some content that needed to be skipped over and some swearing.
The BFG by Road Dahl: I reread with Dustin this year, we like to read books together when we get a chance.
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: LOVED IT!!! It might just be my favorite book, Wuthering Heights which was written by Charlotte's sister has always been one of my favorites, but after reading Jane Eyre I love it more. Both books are gothic novels, Emily wrote Wuthering Heights first, than Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre showing Emily that gothic novels can have happy endings too, so I think it would be fun to read these side by side.
The Time Traveler's Wife: I didn't really like this book, interesting story, but WAY too much language for me, and a lot of content to skip over, so I wouldn't recommend it. 
I reread the whole Harry Potter series and loved every minute of it. 
The Thirteenth Tale: I just finished this last night, it was a fun read, and it keeps you guessing to the end, and has a good twist in the end, and it kind of has a haunting feel. 


Miranda said...

I have some great books for you to read!

1. Feed by M.T. Anderson. There is a series/trilogy called Feed but it is not that one so make sure you get the right one.

2. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card then followed by Ender's Shadow. Ender's Shadow totally compliments Ender's Game but you won't understand Ender's Shadow until you read Ender's Game. If you only want to pick one of them then totally read Ender's Game. Soooo good!

3. Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. I got introduced to this by Clarissa Dyer and I loved it. I couldn't put it down and I think you will love it too. Plus the author is mormon so it's both highly interesting and cleanly written.

4. 1984. It is super interesting and such a good book. I have read that one multiple times and enjoy it every time.

5. I haven't read any of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo series but my mom read the entire trilogy and loved it. She said that there are some disturbing parts of the books but she really enjoyed reading them so maybe you could look into that.

I need some new good books to read too so post more like this one :)

Ashley said...

Let's see, number the stars/ by Lois Lowry is my FAV!

The goose girl/ by Shannon--something is supposed to be a good one, the author is LDS too.

My mom just read "The Help" for a book club, and saw the movie.

But Im just a kid, so you probably shouldn't listen to these books.

Miss u guys!


Jessica W. Clark said...

Miranda, thanks for the list, I have read Enders game and loved it! But I havent read the rest of the series but I need to.
Ashley, I loved number the stars, and The Help is on my list. Even if your a kid I still like to hear what books you like, and we miss you guys too!

Jessica W. Clark said...
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Ashley said...

Princess academy/ shannon--

Understood Betsy

The book of three/ loydd Alexander/ series

the hiding place / corrie ten boom

Why gender maters / ?


Lesli said...

Love the blog post! You should keep listing books you have read because I am always looking for good books, and yes even though you are such a nerd I still love ya! I miss you guys. I hope that you are enjoying Florida

Angie said...

I need to add you to my blog list! I LOVE your reading list! I've been obsessed with reading most of my life too, and I've recently been way into young adult novels, I don't know why, probably because they're fast and entertaining :) I LOVE THE BFG!! Brings back memories from my childhood! So fun!