Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Visit

Here are some pictures from the visit from my brother, Paul and his family that I mentioned earlier. They are kinda random order, but thanks to my sis-in-law we got some pictures since Dustin had the camera at his art convention.  So enjoy.
Thomas at Harry Potter World, he loved Butterbeer this trip, I couldn't feed it to him fast enough.

Paul and I after the big drop in the Jurassic Park ride, we got pretty wet. 
Inside Hogwarts, one of my favorite things to do.

Meeting Mickey before Thomas cries.

Worn out in Universal.

I love this picture of Thomas. Thanks Brie!

At Disney, I had to take a picture by Little Mermaid for my mom, because when I was little I watched that show so much that still today my mom can't stand that movie.

Thomas & I eating at Pinnochio's haus (I think that's what it's called.)

In Universal, heading to Harry Potter World, I still get way excited even though  I was just there the week before. 

BATH TIME!!! I love both of their faces! This is my niece Susanna.

Paul, Brie, and Susanna at Universal.

One of my favorite roller coasters in Orlando, this was right after Paul and I went on it. 

Cinderella's castle at Christmas, beautiful. 

Hanging out in our apartment.

Fun Pictures of the cousins!

I had so much fun with Paul and Brie! 

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Nancy said...

Thomas is getting so grown up! I'm glad you had fun with your family! Family time is the best!