Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card

For those I don't have their emails:

This was a big year for the Clark family, a lot of changes, moves, growing, and a lot of firsts.
Dustin and I started this year as recent college graduates, newly parents, having new and unknown adventures ahead of us. 
So here is our year in a summary:

Dustin: This year Dustin has been able to have a lot of great art opportunities, when we lived in PA he got his first Children's book job, he's had many caricature gigs, and gets to draw people all day at his work at SeaWorld. He also got an art piece in an art gallery in New York and won an award, and had the opportunity to go to a caricature convention for a week and learn more from the pros. He's also a good father, and husband who always tries his best. He's had many callings in the church, anywhere from Sunday school teacher to Elder's quorum secretary. 

Jessica: Has grown and learned a lot this year, learning to balance art with motherhood,  housecleaning, and homemaking. Jessica loves traveling and seeing new things, that she has enjoyed living in PA and Fl this year. She has learned to drive stick, finally after all this time, but still freaks out on hills (so good thing Florida is pretty flat). She's also learning to live with big bugs such as cockroaches... YUCK!
Jessica has been enjoying photography, art, reading, crafts, cooking, and hanging out with friends. She also loves roller-coasters so she is been having a blast being so close to all the theme parks. 

Thomas: Thomas is cuter than ever and he knows it. He has grown and changed so much this year. He started as a dark brunette to a little blondie. He is always on the move, and getting into anything that he can reach. He loves going on walks, he loves going to SeaWorld and loves looking at all the bright colored fish. He has flown across the country three times this year and has been to 13 states. He loves being in the center of attention. Thomas loves wrestling with his daddy and cuddling with his mommy. He is a joy, blessing, and great contribute to the Clark family. 

We hope you had a great year like we did. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


Tiffany said...

Soooooooo cute!!! Miss u guys!!!!!!!


Nancy said...

What a cute Christmas card! I hope you have a great Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Jess your picture is absolutely adorable! love ya!