Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Little Man

Thomas is still growing as ever, I feel the last few weeks he has put on some weight! I think the whole milk is making him a little fuller, and also he's growing appetite.
I also feel like he picking up things a lot more, he doesn't say any words but I know he understands me when I talk to him. He starting to fold his arms during prayers, and claps afterwards because he's proud of himself. He understands why we clap, so sometimes when we see a show at SeaWorld or some type of performance he will clap. He also loves to dance anytime there is music going. 
He climbs on everything, he's already figured out how to take plug outlet protectors off. He's not walking yet, but I know he could if he showed any interest in it, he just cruises everywhere, but sometimes he will let go on whatever he's holding on to to clap, so he's standing on his own, he just doesn't realize he's doing it. 
He likes to get into EVERYTHING, nothing is ever safe. 
He loves his walker, the other day I saw him walking with it and trying to put things in it like a grocery cart (you can tell he goes grocery shopping with his mom a lot!)
He loved wrestling with Dustin, he LOVES Dustin! Everyday that Dustin leaves for work he cries until I find something to distract him. 
He loves pretzels, String cheese, and hot dogs, he likes everything but those are his favorite, at least this week!
I love this little man of mine!

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Tiffany said...

I remember about a year ago when i heard the news u guys had a boy! Send my best wishes to thomas and Merry christmas!!