Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas in SeaWorld!

I'm pretty far behind in my blogging, I have a lot of things I have been wanting to blog but just haven't had the time, so my goal is to catch up with the blog sometime next week. (fingers crossed). But I wanted to hurry and do this post... so it will be quick, at least that's the plan...
So here in SeaWorld they have a lot of fun things going on for Christmas, most of it is on the weekends so we are planning on doing some of the activities with our good friends, the William's, tomorrow but today Dustin and I headed over there to take some pictures because it will be more busy tomorrow so we wanted to get it out of the way. :) 
They have a lot of fun and pretty decorations all over, so we tried to take a few family photos.

Also at SeaWorld they have this Polar Express exhibit, that I actually really love because I love the book and also in the exhibit they make it so Christmas-y and smells like Christmas and everything, so I love it since sometimes it's hard to think it's Christmas when there's no snow here in Orlando, so I head over there a lot with Thomas. So here are some pictures in front of the train.

When you go in, they have it all cute, they make it like you are in the North Pole, and they have this huge Christmas tree where the Beluga whales are. It's really cool because they have the Arctic animals in there so it helps with the illusion that you are at the North pole. The animals they have in the are the Beluga whales, Polar bears (which sleep most of the time but today he was moving all over!), the walrus (which I think is pretty cool).

Also in the North Pole they have Santa. And I think this picture is HILARIOUS! It's a classic, Thomas crying.... made me think of The Christmas Story. I'm really tempted to put it on our Christmas card, I'm probably an awful mom thinking this picture is that funny. 

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