Thursday, September 13, 2012

Idaho, Family Reunion, and a Drug Dealing Chase

I'm almost caught up on my blog!
As I mentioned before I didn't take that many pictures when I was in Idaho because I was busy trying to sort out some of our stuff that we have left at my parents house, and since I've been pregnant I just been having less motivation to take pictures. I need to do better. 
While I was home in Idaho I threw away a whole garbage bag of my artwork! And I know there was more that I didn't find because I used to save EVERYTHING that I drew thinking it would mean something later. I guess I have become less sentimental, or have moved a lot, or I already have a million drawings between Dustin and I all the time that it felt good to just chuck it all. I only kept, maybe 7 projects from college and that was it.

For Labor day weekend I went with my parents to Utah for my mom's family reunion in Park City. And it rained A LOT the first 2 days, and me, being used to Orlando weather was cold almost the whole weekend. 
What was exciting was that this was the first time I've taken Thomas camping and he LOVED it! Outside all day, by a river and throw as many rocks as he pleases? Yes he had a blast! He also had a blast hanging out with some of his cousins.

He thought the tents were great and tried to help grandpa set them up for a little. 

Thomas and his cousin, Mitt, hit it right off. Here they are snacking on some Starbursts as we were setting up. During the whole weekend I think the only thing Thomas ate was sugar, because there was always candy near by.  

At your campsite there was a platform that all the kids had fun dancing on.

I think this picture is so cute with the cousins.

Even though it was raining a lot and I was always wearing layers it was fun to see everyone. I got to see all my siblings that live in Utah, and my sister, Nicole, flew up from Arizona. It was good catching up since some people I haven't seen for 2 years. 

So being the pansy that I am about being cold all the time, the first night Thomas and I slept in the back of my parents car, it was nice and warm! I loved it! 
And here is Thomas sleeping in because he didn't go to bed till it was really late.

The second night Nicole joined us, and that night wasn't as nice. First thing, there was some type of drug dealing speed chase, and one of the stolen cars crashed in a ditch right next to our car that Nicole and I were sleeping in, and he ran off and the police were trying to look for him. So here is Nicole, Thomas (but he is sleeping and clueless what's going on), and me locked in our car can't sleep because we are freaking out about this guy on the loose and the police can't find him. 
Nicole and I were kinda laughing because both of us just came from more shady places than Utah and here we are witnessing a drug chase in Utah, how ironic is that? Also we were laughing because I said, "With my luck the guy is underneath the car, for some reason crazy things like this happen to me." We were laughing pretty hard about that, because I have been stranded at a gas station calling my parents because I ran away from a guy I had previously been on dates with, who took me without my permission (long, long story, let's just say after 2 years of him bothering me last I heard he is in a mental hospital) I have had to call my parents for many occasions because someone wouldn't leave me alone somewhere, been in 2 fire accidents, just to name a few. 
So Nicole and I sat there for a good hour and they were still looking for him. We didn't want to sleep but at the same time we were tired, we finally both laid down, but we were both uncomfortable because there wasn't that much room and Thomas spreads out like an eagle and I'm pregnant so that never helps. I finally sleep, than after a couple hours I woke up, I look out the window and the cops are still there, they hadn't found him! O great, so again it took me a while to sleep because I kept picturing this guy going to pop his face at the window. Anyway, to make a long story short they eventually got him by our cousins trailer but they only got one out of the three people involved. 
Than the third night Nicole and I stayed at a nice hotel, thanks to my brother Benjamin, so we could get cleaned up before we both headed home the next day.

It was a fun trip, but it was the longest I have been away from Dustin so I was anxious to get back home, or my new home in Texas, which I have been liking a lot thus far. It nice being in a house vs a small, stinky, apartment. Anyway, I will talk more about Texas in my next post. 

Yeah! I'm finally catching up!

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