Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

Here are some pictures we took Sunday afternoon.  I realized I didn't have any pictures of Dustin with just Oliver so I wanted to take a few, and Dustin took a few of me as well, I haven't lost all the pregnancy weight just so you guys know ;) it does take LONGER to come off the second round... anyway. I wish there were more with Thomas but he's not really interested in sitting and taking pictures so the only ones I get are when he's not realizing it. Anyway, I have a lot to blog/pictures about but I'm running behind... guess I'm still getting used to having two boys and finding the time. 
So hopefully I will be posting a lot this week and get all caught up. 


Clarissa said...

Very cute boys Jess!! You look great after just having a baby! I LOVE Thomas' Sunday outfit!

Jeff Bitton said...
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