Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Peter @ 8 Months

Has two bottom teeth, and a third coming in
He is always on the move, and is fast
He can crawl on all four, but picks army crawling because it's faster
Can pull himself up on furniture, but hasn't quite figured out cruising just yet
He loves to wrestle with his brothers
Still not the best sleeper
He is a little eater, and I feel like he doesn't eat that much but when I try to feed him more he would just spit it up, so he knows how much he needs
He is a momma's boy
He has a sweet personality
He loves to be thrown in the air, the higher the better
He loves to cuddle
He has so many nick names and jiggles that we say to him, like "Peter Pumpkin Eater", "Peter cotton-tail" and Dustin has a little jiggle that he sings to him with his name. 

And we just adore him

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