Thursday, May 12, 2016

Snap Shots and Updates

So this month has been full of changes and excitement for our little family.

Peter finally is done nursing. Which I'm happy and sad about, I love nursing but I also love my sleep and my kids don't start sleeping through the night until they stop nursing. So now some nights he sleeps through the night, and it's fabulous!

I think Oliver is on his way to being potty-trained! We are on day two and things are looking good, fingers cross, I really hate potty training that I wait till their older and they start having dry diapers in the morning.

This month has been very big for Thomas, he has lost two baby teeth, and got his first broken bone. He and Oliver and a friend were playing a game when Thomas' finger got caught in the door! But it's healing really fast and less than a week he was already drawing with it, I love how much he loves to draw. Also today we registered him to start Kindergarten this year! It's so crazy to have a child in school! He is so excited and asks almost everyday when does he start school. 

Then mother's day was this past Sunday and I got spoiled by my boys. Flowers and breakfast in bed. I love being a mom to my little boys. 

And finally Dustin has two more weeks of school the SUMMER!

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