Thursday, April 9, 2009

THE BEST WEEKEND! ...... and a little funny story!

This last weekend Dustin and I went down to Utah for conference! It was soooo fun! We drove down Saturday morning and arrived at my sister's house at noon, but my sisters and my mom were having a ladies lunch,  so I literally dumped Dustin at my sisters and said, "well here are my 16 nieces and nephews and my brother, and brother-in-laws you never met, good luck and I will see you in a bit!" I felt soooo bad! I was worried the whole time we were at lunch, wondering how Dustin was handling the mob.
After two hours I returned, worried  to see a disaster but instead it was quite the opposite, Dustin was there with my nieces and nephews having a blast. Phew.... what a relief! Maybe it went too well because Dustin took my popularity away because my nieces and nephews wanted to play with Dustin more than me! ha ha, I wouldn't haven't it any other way! It was just really fun, I thought Dustin fit right in the family. This trip also was really fun because driving to Utah and back gave Dustin and I the opportunity to really talk with no homework in the way, and it was really nice that we didn't  want to return to school the next day. 
Now the FUNNY story..... Well Dustin and I are art majors, so the whole art department knows that we are dating and are always wondering what is happening in our relationship, in other words we are something they like to gossip about and make little predictions.... well it doesn't help that I'm the art secretary as well.... well this past weekend we also went ring shopping (which was super fun by they way!) and some of the teachers heard about it because my super visor loved mentioning to anyone who walked through the office doors what I was doing for the weekend. Well the story continues.... on Tuesday Dustin was in his Digital Illustration class when the teacher started the class by, " I heard there were some good news that happened this week. Someone in this class got engaged." Dustin looked up and realized the teacher was talking about him but he didn't know what to do so he just decided to remain quite and hoped that the teacher might caught on, but no. The teacher continued by saying, " I will give you a clue, he's the one with the biggest tablet." than all of the class yelled "DUSTIN!!!!" and poor Dustin had to clear some things up, and the teacher felt horrible, but we personally think its funny. Pretty Hilarious! 
Than the other day Dustin and I were in an art class together and my teacher always calls me "west" and this time he was like "MISSSS West." and than looks at me and smiles, " I won't be calling you that for much longer!" It's really fun dating an art major!!!!

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Jamie Blake said... I didn't know that happened! How hilarious- and sort of embarrassing for Dustin! Good thing he's such a good sport!