Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Again... running behind

Again I don't keep posting and I run behind.... so here is a quick catch up.  After all the craziness of graduation, Christmas, moving, and New Year's Dustin and I headed to PA. Yep, pretty far away I didn't know what to think since I have pretty much lived in Rexburg my whole life!
But so far PA has been really good, we have meet a lot of new couples and everyone has been so nice.
So to make this post not super long here are some things that have happened this past month:

  • Dust got his first Children's book job!
  • I have been building my portfolio and been doing a painting a week! {so check out my art blog HERE}
  • I'm working on selling my art stuff on Etsy soon
  • There is a website that will be putting my art work in cross-stitch form and I will be making money though them! Very excited!
  • Thomas can hold his head up pretty good.
  • Thomas is 12 pounds now and will be 3 months next week! CRAZY
  • I've learned how to make my own blog backgrounds!
  • Drove outside of Idaho for the first time! {I know a little sad but true!}
  • Almost every night Thomas sleeps through the night! {I know I'm lucky!}
Anyway that's what has happened the last month in a nutshell. Life has been good, I love being a mom, Thomas is so much fun!

Thomas at Grandma & Grandpa West's house

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Clarissa said...

Um, I don't think I knew that you were moving to PA??? CRAZY!! we will have to chat sometime. I hope everything is going great!