Saturday, February 5, 2011

Playing in the Snow, and sad news!

The other day we got Thomas all suited up to play out in the snow{or just go out side} and I couldn't help but think of the movie, Christmas Story, because I was putting a lot of clothes on him, than I put him in his snow suit and he couldn't really move, and at first he was crying. It was so funny because carry him in that literally felt like he was stiff as a board, {poor kid}.
He enjoyed the great outdoors... for a total of 5 minutes, ha ha. So that didn't last long but hey we got great pictures, and that's all that matter right?
I love kissing his cheeks!

I just think he's the most adorable thing.

Now the sad story, the other day my Mac Book Pro died, well sorta, the screen is black. I'm so devastated, because sadly that was my life, it was my entertainment while feeding Thomas, and most of all that's what I use when I do my art work, so now I can't really draw and paint anymore. We have another computer but Dustin is on it doing his art jobs, and what was so great about the lap top was I could be on the floor with Thomas and work at the same time!
The past month I have been working hard trying to build my art portfolio so when I go to New York I have something to show, and now all my files are on that computer... and yeah, I'm just upset. So now we are debating if we should get another computer or I just use ours at night when Thomas is asleep, and Dustin isn't using it anymore. I don't know, I just keep praying that somehow my computer will start again. Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing great!