Thursday, March 1, 2012


Can I just say this post was a pain! It's been taking me all day, I almost gave up.
Anyway... yesterday was Dustin's day off and the weather was so nice we couldn't help going to Aquatica.
We have gone to Aquatica several times but I never taken pictures till now. It a fun water park that has a lot of fun water slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, and kiddie pools. 
Thomas loved it! Thomas loves anything with water. At first he wasn't so sure about the lazy river, but after a while he loved it.

We been having a blast living so close to all these fun parks.


Scott and Clarissa Dyer said...

Thomas is so cute in those sunglasses! I also like your swim shorts.

Nancy said...

I love all these pictures! Thomas is getting so big and cute! Totally wish I could go play in the water right now!