Sunday, March 18, 2012

My ?? Birthday!

So this year I turned ahem...23... ahem I know that isn't old, doesn't mean I don't like my number going up.
I might not like my number going up, but I still like having Birthdays!!! This year was a lot of fun, Dustin made sure I felt special.
Since my birthday was on a Sunday we celebrated it a little different, we celebrated on Wednesday because that was Dustin's day off, and we had a blast, BUT I accidentally deleted the pictures of the day, I'm so SAD, because there were some good ones. O well, I can't dwell on it...
Anyway, on Wednesday Dustin and I were originally thinking about going to Busch Gardens, which is another theme park, but things didn't turn out so we went to Universal instead! Harry Potter World? Yes, please!
We spend most of the day in the park and we had a lot of fun of course! We started at Harry Potter World which was CRAZY busy, we didn't anticipated the crowd, I guess some people are on spring break. But to give you an idea to get to Hogwarts it was a 3 hour wait, and the line was going towards other parts of the park (outside of HP world). To get Butter beer was half hour wait, luckily we found a secret spot and got ours in no time! Also this time we tried pumpkin juice for the first time, and surprisingly I liked it.


 Also we went to go see Ollivander, which we never have done because there is always a huge line, but today it wasn't too bad and since everything else was crazy we decided to do it, and it was WAY cool, better than I thought it would be. Ollivander was awesome, and it was so fun to see him pick a kid to try out a wands, and they had it so a few times they tried a spell something crazy would happen, like shelves breaking.. and such, than a wand "would pick the wizard" and he would tell the child what the wand was made of. To see the little girl's excitement was priceless. Ok, I just love HPW, I don't know why but I was talking to Dustin about it while we were slurping down our butterbeer goodness, the place just makes me happy, and I feel like a kid in a candy store.
After that we hit many of the other tractions, we went on the Jurassic Park ride and got wet, than Dustin had me get a caricature done, and first I wasn't that interested since I get drawn a lot by Dustin and some of his friends, but Dustin knew this guy and said he was really good, well I'm glad I did because I think it's hilarious, it's a good thing I have a good sense of humor, because it's not the most flattering but it made me laugh.  And the guy gave it to us for FREE because it was my Birthday (sorta)!

Than we hit the Spiderman ride because they just enhanced it, and that one is always a fun one. We also hit the Dr. Suess section for Thomas he loved it, they have a lot of fun interacting sections, and they had a carousel that Thomas wasn't sure about for a while, until the last second than he smiled.... of course... in the end.
Later that night we went to Kobe's Japanese steak house, and it was AMAZING and so much fun! Also if it's your birthday you get your meal free and they give you a cup cake and sing Happy Birthday to you. They also cook your food right there on your table and our chef was so funny and entertaining, Thomas loved it! He would sing and flip his spatulas all over and start things on fire and sing "happy birthday to you" in the heaviest Japanese accent, it was very entertaining. But the best part was the food, everything was soooooo good! If you ever go to Orlando I would highly recommend going to this place!

Than Friday we had little birthday dinner with the Williams, I forgot my camera so no pictures, but Brie made these AMAZING cupcakes and they sang happy birthday and had me blow out the candle.  I'm really going to miss these guys when we move....

Than Sunday, my actual birthday Dustin got me a cake, he told me not to expect much, and I was wondering what he meant, than he showed me the cake with the candles and I loved it!!! He was worried that I would be disappointed about the size, but he saw these candles that he knew I would love them (boy, does he know me well, because the first thing I said was "I love the candles!!!! They are so cute!") and he wanted the candles to look good on the cake and the only one that looked good was the white little cake, I personally think he made a good choice because I went off about the cute candles for a good little while. Than he let me open some presents, and the wrapping was priceless he couldn't find the scotch tape so it was duck tape, NICE!  My favorite gift he got me was a gift card to Amazon Kindle to get more books, O YES!

It was a great birthday thanks to family and friends, and especially Dustin!
I'm looking forward to my 23rd year!

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Celia said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! You are one of the sweetest person I know.
Thomas is a cutie and I love the pictures you take of him. You are very talented.