Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Looking Forward to Summer

The Clark's have some big and fun plans this summer! 
This summer we are going to do a lot of traveling, which I love to do!
Starting May I will head over to Washington DC area to hang out with my sister and brother  for a weekend than I head to PA for a week to hang out with Dustin's family and we have fun plans like going to Hershey park and maybe head to New York City! Than Dustin will meet up with us that weekend (because he has to work) and we will be celebrating his little brother's farewell.
Than back home for a few days, than Thomas and I are heading to Dallas to see another brother of mine, and also meeting up with my parents there for about a week. 
Than July we will head to Tennessee for a family reunion on Dustin's side, we are excited to see everyone. 
Than, finally, we are planning on moving back West in September, but Thomas and I will be heading over there a month early because my friend, Aubrey is getting married and I'm going to do her wedding pictures!
And I might also get a chance to go to Arizona to see another brother, but that one is still up in the air! I'm trying to get all the traveling in before Thomas turns 2 because after that he doesn't fly for free. 

So it's going to be a fun and crazy summer!

A little update of Thomas: Thomas is always on the move, there is no stopping him. He loves planes, we live close to the airport so we see a lot of planes flying. His favorite toys at the moment are balls, he loves throwing them, and he walks around holding at least one all over our apartment. Also a couple weeks ago he stopped taking the binky, one day I gave it to him and he just threw it on the floor and that was the end of binkys. It's so nice because we don't depend on it anymore. He's also an expert on our Ipad, he knows how to unlock the screen and find his games, I don't know if that's a good thing. He loves going outside, every time we leave he waves his hands and say "bye bye" so cute!

He is a lot of fun, he keeps us busy and entertained.

Here are some pictures of our walk the other day:

A picture of him walking towards me with that adorable smile. 

Pointing at a plane that's flying by. 

I know this picture is blurry but I still like it. 

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Nancy said...

What a fun summer you will have! I'm excited for summer too! The forecast for the end of this week is supposed to be in the low 60s and I'm SO excited that it's starting to get warm. I hope all your trips go smoothly!