Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sorry this is WAY over due, I started this post back in May but just now did I get back to it. I think I originally had more to say but I think I will just leave this post how it was and I will just continue with more blog posts in the future, and I promise I won't take as long as I did with this one, now that life will settle down a little more now that Summer is almost over.


Planning ahead before you have a photoshoot, or just taking some pictures is always beneficial. I always like the ones I have planned out the night before, week before much better.
When I plan ahead I try to think what I want to tell? What is the story? What am I trying to say in my photography?
Maybe since I was an Illustration major where we focused SOOO much on the story of our paintings I like to do the same thing in my pictures. And for me, I like to tell the story through color, props, angles, composition, and any other story-tellimg elements. Here are some examples that I have done to demonstrate what I mean:

For our Easter Picnic, I actually started planning a week or so ahead, I thought about a lot of things. I thought about the color: I wanted it to feel "Eastery" or spring so I used some pastel colors, with some accent bright colors. I also had us where it was green to get the mood for spring. I had us color coordinate so all of us looked good together. Luckily the "story" part was easy, it was a family going on a picnic, and than Thomas with bubbles. Having Thomas with bubbles worked great because he acted natural and we could see some of his cute personality. With all of this planning a head this series of pictures turn out great with not that much effort.

And yes sometime I plan "the everyday" pictures that don't look planned but I really thought about the in my head. For example for this picture. Thomas does this EVERYDAY, he messes with our bed, and I wanted to take a picture of it because it something I want to remember and also I thought it would be a cute picture because it would tell a little "story" about Thomas. I didn't use "props" for the picture, but I let our bedroom not be picture perfect because I wanted to be real and for me, it tells a better story.

Anyway, Like I said, I will try and post more and sooner!

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