Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random post

Not a whole lot is been happening with the Clark's the last little bit. 
 Right now I'm trying to get everything done before I leave for Idaho in less than 2 weeks! To photograph the AMaZInG Aubrey's wedding! I'm a little nervous, not going to lie, photos for me not a big deal, but for someone's wedding, let's just say I hope I do well. So I've been trying to get many projects done, and get things packed and finding people who want our furniture because, again, we are just taking what we can fit in the car, sometimes it's depressing because I feel like I have nothing to our name, but in a way it's nice because we get rid of so much junk that we don't need. 

So I have packed most of our stuff, so about 2 boxes ha ha. I just have kitchen stuff and some odds and ends. We also have been able to get rid of half our furniture which has been a relief. Also this week I taught my last art lessons to a 11 year old girl, which has been very good for me because it made me go back to the basics of art and remember how important it is. 

Also I have been working really hard to get this book done:

I don't know if this will be the final cover, I'm still working on it, but I'm definitely not a graphic designer, but yet a lot my random art jobs has asked me to some type of graphic design, so I'm always looking up logos and any information online, I wished I had taken a graphic design class now. I was planning on it but the class always conflict with my illustration classes.  
But I just have two paintings left and that are almost done, I will have it done before I head to Idaho, but I don't know when Jocelyn will put it up for a free download, but I know either end of this month or next month, but I will let you know. Also I will be having a free giveaway for one of my prints on my etsy shop (which needs some work on at the moment) probably around the same time she will promote this book, so check that out too!

Also speaking of art jobs, the other week the lady gave me the shirts I designed for that company I mentioned about, I was pretty excited I wore it all day! Her husband said he liked it so much he got one too even though he didn't do the triathlon. So here's me modeling it, ha ha. I guess my other design was somewhat controversial because it was just for a 5k so I used the same female runner, I guess some of the men in the race didn't want to wear a shirt with a female on it, the lady that hired me to do the job thought it was hilarious, and I just said, "I guess that's what you get when you hire a female illustrator". She thought it was great. 

Sorry, this post is random, but here is a movie of Thomas dancing to Tarzan, sorry you can't see his whole body but every time we moved him back he just moved closer. This is the first movie that I have been able to load on blogger so I'm just excited. 

Also last week, or the week before, can't remember Dustin and I saw the new Batman movie in IMAX. I'm sold on the IMAX, but 3D, doesn't do anything for me, but the IMAX was impressive it was my first time, and probably our last because it's more expensive, but we did it this time just because Dustin gets discounts so it was almost as much as a regular ticket, but it was AWESOME, they had a preview for The Hobbit and it looked amazing in the IMAX that now I wish we could do that one in IMAX too. 
Anyway about the Batman movie, I won't say anything so I don't ruin it for anyone, but it was my least favorite Batman movie, but ever since we've seen it I have been wanting to see it again. It's my favorite movie so far this year, Dustin's is still Advengers but I'm a HUGE Batman fan, and Christopher Nolan's movies fan. I have loved all the movies that I've seen from him like Prestige and Inception. 

Anyway, random post, but that's just what we have been up to. 
Tomorrow we are heading to Disney World one last time so I will probably do a post about that, but maybe not because I swear every time we have gone to disney some reason we have either forgotten the camera, memory card, or some other reason that we never have pictures, but I'm determined to get some pictures. 

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Clarissa said...

Jess your book looks AMAZING!!! You are awesome! I am sad you wont be moving to Utah... but I am so glad that you will be close to family and that things are working out for you in Texas!! See you in a couple weeks!!