Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thomas Turns 4!

I can't believe my Thomas is 4!
It's going by so fast, and he's getting so big. 
Thomas turned 4 this past Friday, but we celebrated on Wednesday because Dustin was going to be out of town (more on that later) and we found out about the trip pretty much right before he left so between that and me having our Super Saturday this last week (more on that too) and sickness(more on that) it was more low key and rushed birthday. I feel a little bad, but Thomas didn't seem to mind, so I guess it's ok.
The cake wasn't exactly how I wanted but running on nothing, I feel like this whole week I was working non stop, that he was kinda lucky that I didn't just go buy a cake at the store and call it good, so instead I call it a cake "made with love".
Dustin did a caricature of Thomas has the Hulk was you can see in the picture, but he also drew a series drawings of Thomas turning into the Hulk, and he Loved it! That he has shown everyone that has been in our house since his birthday, it was really cool, some time I should scan them in and put it on the blog.
So Thomas woke up in the morning very excited to open some presents.
He got a lot of Hulk toys, which worked out nicely since Oliver also likes the Hulk so now we have enough Hulks to go around. And we also got him a super hero book, and a marvel Chutes and Ladders game that he loves.
Then later that day we had play group at our place due to chilly weather. Then after Oliver's nap we took him to the store to pick out more toys from his birthday money from my parents and Dustin's grandparents and he picked out two Power Rangers, one for him and one for Oliver. He's such a sweet boy, he was always good about sharing his new toys with Oliver and I thought it was sweet that he wanted to make sure Oliver could get a Power Ranger as well, it melted my heart. 
For dinner we went In-n-Out because he wanted cheese burgers for dinner, and I was too tired to make some and that's his favorite fast food so we met up with Dustin and his mom there.

Then cake and ice cream!

I love our Thomas he brings so much joy to our lives, he is such a sweet heart and tries to be good example, and is a good friend to all.


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Brianna said...

Sounds like a fun birthday!