Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Decorating for Christmas

We were a little early this year, but our Christmas is up!!!
I usually wait till after Thanksgiving, but it's so late this year I just couldn't wait any longer. 
The boys had fun and were excited. We ran out of lights for the tree (I thought I had enough), so the process took a little longer, so about time we got lights and ran errands the boys lost some interest, and I ended up decorating the tree myself. Thomas was excited and put all the candy canes on the bottom all-so-nicely... then he was done. Maybe next year, my boys will be into it more... Also it probably didn't help that Oliver started getting sick, poor little guy. My boys just seemed more into wrestling and "punching" my snowman, the life of a mother of all boys.

Here's my advent calendar from our Super Saturday, I just need to get two more ornaments, but I liked how it turned out over all.

And  some phone pictures:
The last one is sick Oliver watching Frosty.

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Brianna said...

These pictures are beautiful. I love your Christmas decor. And you are going to have to teach me how to make Christmas tree pictures look like that. They look magical!