Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snapshots and Update

A little update with some pictures.
I love dressing my boys all cute for Sunday. I love dressing them with sweaters, vest, ties, bow-ties, it all so much fun. During the week I let them wear whatever pleases them but Sunday mommy gets to pick, now if they would let me do a photo shoot every Sunday that would be great!

Playing music for FHE
Our ward Christmas party Santa came! Thomas was very excited to see Santa and was waiting for him all day, I help set up the church so he saw that there was a place for Santa. During the day Oliver wasn't so sure about the idea of sitting on Santa's lap but the minute he saw him and saw other kids sit on his lap he couldn't wait for his turn. Also the primary kids sang a song in the program and Oliver decided to join. And in the picture Thomas looks like he might be flirting with the girl next to him, oh boy.
And a little update...
Dustin has one more week of school then he has a few weeks off! Let the party begin!

My brother with his family, my sister with her family, and my parents will be in town in TEN DAYS! Again, Let the party begin!

I have 5 more weeks for this baby to come, and I have been quite happy having him in my belly, until lately I have gotten so uncomfortable the last week or two, I have put on lovely 35 pounds and everyone asks when I'm due and is shocked that it's not until next month. My self-esteem has dropped a little, I know I'm huge, and it doesn't help to be reminded every time I leave the house. Notice I'm rarely in the pictures now? Yeah, there is a reason for that.

This last week Thomas has started speech therapy. I decided to get him tested earlier this month, and there are a few sounds he needs to work on, so we started therapy this week. When the lady tested him, she was surprised how smart and observant he was that she kept going for two hours until her next appointed to see how far he would go. She said in most areas he is in a 7-8 year old level and just had fun testing him because he kept getting things right, but he did have a hard time saying his "f" and "L" sounds, and one other letter, I can't remember. She said he probably would be fine and develop the sounds later, but we both decided to work on it now that way it's developed before he starts school and I wanted him to be confident in school. He loves it, and already in two sessions he's better, I think now he's more aware about articulation and is being less "lazy" when he talks. I personally don't think he will have therapy for very long. But since he isn't in preschool I like that we have someone coming to our house working on him one on one and teaching him, he thinks it's pretty cool.

Oliver will be two next month which is crazy! And he is liking nursery at church so YEAH! And he's getting so big but he still loves his naps! So hopefully he keeps that up for a while!

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