Monday, February 9, 2015

Oliver Turns 2!

On January 24th Oliver turned the big 2!
It's crazy how time flies. 
Since Peter was in the NICO on his birthday we decided the celebrate it a week later with some family.
And it was good timing since having the new baby and all, to have a day dedicated to him.
He was very excited when the day came since he had to wait an extra week, it broke my heart when one day he said he never got his Hulk cake, we figured he wouldn't notice we "missed" his birthday, but he did, and he was really good about it.
I felt bad not doing much for his birthday, but again my mother-in-law saved the day and let us do the party at her place and got the cake so I didn't have to make it and had the place looking so cute. 
Oliver LOVED his cake and was so excited to blow out his candles and he felt pretty special that day.
He got a lot of fun toys and had a great day. 
We love our Oliver, he brings so much joy in our little family.

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