Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Peter William Clark

Finally he is here!!!
It took him long enough. He's such a sweet heart and so far a pretty easy baby. {knock on wood}
I wanted to write his birth story before I forget because it's amazing how quickly you forget the little details.
Many people thought I wouldn't make it full term but I had a feeling I was going to be late, and painfully I was. Saturday, 17th was my due date and I was hoping that was a day I went to labor because it was a 3-day weekend, but no baby. I had a Dr's appointment that Wednesday, and I thought for sure I would have the baby by then, nope!
I went to my appointment, talked to my Dr. and we decided to induce the following morning. I had mixed feelings because I would rather my body go on it's own because it's a lot faster, but my body hurt and I really didn't want Peter and Oliver to have the same birthday (Oliver's was that Saturday) and I was 4 days over due. All day I was wondering if I had made the right decision, sometimes I over think things. That night I surprisingly slept well and we headed to the hospital at 6am. We got in when the night crew was almost finished with their shift, so they hurried and got me all set up for the morning crew to start the Pitocin. I was bummed a little because I was hoping to get my nurse that I had when I delivered Oliver because she awesome, but my Dr said she worked night shifts but when they had the morning crew come, there she was!!!! I was so excited!!  And the guy that gave me the epidural last time gave it to me again, it was very much like de ja vu. 
But before they gave me the Pitocin I was starting to get some really good contractions and some what more consistent that I actually thought they had already started the process, but I guess they didn't, but I had a feeling if we waited a little longer, like a day,  I probably wouldn't have gone on my own. They started the Pitocin and an hour later I got the epidural. Everyone was saying that I just had this huge basket ball in the front and that you would never known I was pregnant from the back, and I was thinking "Yeah, all 40 pounds in one area, that's why I'm in so much pain". Once the Pitocin and epidural was in I was progressing very fast but my Dr was still in the middle of a surgery that they stopped the Pitocin to slow it down, but my body just kept going. We were just waiting for the Dr to break the water and to deliver. When my nurse checked how dilated I was she said my sack was coming out and that she was shocked it hadn't popped yet, and that it was buldging out, and she said she has only seen that one other time and I thought it was pretty exciting, me, I just wanted the baby, ha ha. Finally the Dr was there, he broke my water, then it was show time. They got things ready, then 3 pushes later he was out! Thank you! Another easy delivery!
And when he came out he was a chunky monkey compared to my other two kids. Everyone was shocked how big he was that everyone was anxiously looking at that scale to see how much he weighed. 9lbs 3.3 ounces! About 2 more pounds than my other kids! It made me feel better about always being in pain during this pregnancy knowing I was carrying a big baby. Everyone chuckled and said that's why I had a nice good basketball-like belly. When he was born he did have low blood sugar so they were watching that, and if you follow me on Face book or Instagram you know he ended up in the NICO, which I will blog on another post. But now he's been home almost a week and life is great. And he's adored by all of us at home.

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Brianna said...

love the pictures. I've been looking forward to the "baby story" so thank you!!