Monday, May 18, 2015

This & That

Since I am sooo behind on this blog here, I wanted to hurry post some few shots the last month or two. This post was originally to update what's been going on with our lives, and letting out some of my frustrations.... let's just say this year has been tough, it's also been great, but I feel like we keep getting hit with little things here and there, I'm kinda ready to have things be "chill" for a while... But I'm too busy tonight, maybe some time later, because there are some funny stories too.
Anyway here are some shots:
It's beginning to look like summer here, even though it's been raining A LOT the last few weeks.
Most days, if not all days, my boys are ALWAYS drawing or painting. I can't imagine how many trees my family alone have killed.
Peter is getting big too fast for my liking. He's not a newborn and is a little baby now...I feel like life is so busy that I haven't gotten to enjoy his growing up as much. But he is such an easy, chill baby and he always seems to remind me all will be ok!
My kids that I love so much even when they drive me crazy!
Some phone pictures:
My handsome boys!
Thomas drawing Dustin's caricature.
Thomas modeling some pink boots. They were the only ones his size at Dustin's parents' house. He wasn't so sure about wearing them at
The boys love playing with the dog and chickens.
Just a few shots of our daily life.

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