Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Vacation Part 2: West Family Reunion

 So this summer was our first West Family reunion. Having all nine of us siblings together is a big deal, since we all live all over. Last time all nine of us were together was five years ago when I was pregnant with Thomas, and the last time we had EVERY SINGLE member in the family was when I was 12! So this reunion was a big deal, there were 20 adults and 38 grandchildren, and who knows if we will all be together like this again.
So I was super excited for this reunion. It was in South Utah, the drive there was beautiful that we stopped to look at the scenery, and I was freaking out because I'm so scared of heights, but even more so with my children hanging close by. I wanted to take more pictures, but anytime my kids touched the wall I was freaking out, and it wasn't even dangerous, oh boy. And it was very cold, we are used to Texas weather.
The boys laughing at me for freaking out about the heights. And some wild flowers on our drive to the cabin, it was very beautiful where we were.
Hanging out in the cabin. It turned out to be very nice for our family. There were ten bedrooms and bathrooms. We had lots laughs, too much food, and had a great time. And the kids had a great time playing with their cousins.
We also had several nerf gun wars. The kids were in heaven.
Even my dad joined in. And people were punished if they broke the rules.

We also had the kids make Regatta boats for races. Dustin made some cool designs for some of the kids' boats. The kids had a blast racing, and maybe the adults too...
And we took some family pictures. I was surprised with this many people I only had to switch one head on photo shop.
Then me and my family! I love my family, they are the best. I was so lucky to grow up with this family and I'm so glad I'm stuck with them for eternity.
This reunion was so much fun, I can't wait till the next one!

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Brianna said...

Again-- amazing pictures! I love the one you got of Braden all muddy and Rachel with the nerf gun and Paul being shot at by everybody and the one of Jennifer and Kirk-- so cute! The group picture is awesome too, I really want to frame it! You need to put all of them in the slideshow.