Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm Still Here

I feel like it's been a while since I have blogged, so a little catch up.

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging, I have been busy.  All of a sudden I have been busy doing a lot of photo shoots. In this past month I have had five people come up to me to do their pictures. So I have been busy finding new photo shoot locations, taking photos, and editing photos.
So people ask if I'm a photographer? I'm leading on "no" I don't love it as much as illustration, but as I have been having more clients, and have done more photo shoots it has become more enjoyable for me, but it's something I haven't been pushing to get more business, so I don't advertise but I don't say no either. Ha so I don't know what to say? Yes, I'm kind of a photographer....

Another reason I have been busy is I really want to push on my art career this year. I have an Etsy shop open now, thanks to my AWESOME brother, and I'm hoping to make an announcement about it soon on social media (I guess blogging is social media but I feel like this is more a journal that close friends and family read, so like five people) and I'm in the process of looking for an art Rep.  since lets face it, I'm no business person so I think I will be more successful with someone representing me. But before I start contacting a bunch of people and say "Hey look at me, please be my agent!" which is a very scary thought for me, I want to add a few more portfolio pieces on my website, that I also have been working on... So I have been working on a few paintings VERY SLOWLY because I'm a mother as well and life happens, but I'm very excited with my new ideas and I'm hoping with an Etsy shop I will have something to drive me to do more art, and hopefully having a rep that can find me more art jobs. It's very exciting and scary at the same time. I already feel like I'm busy and not sure how this will all work out if it does work out, but I really feel like art is something I need to do with my life. Motherhood is amazing and I love it so much, at least most of the time ;)But I also have been having promptings to work on my art and I guess I'm just trying to follow those urges and promptings.

I have also been busy with birthdays, this past weekend we had two Birthday celebrations (more on that later). And this coming week I will be doing an art class for the Relief Society sisters in my ward, and again I have another photo shoot. So yes, it's busy and I'm wondering when life will start slowing down.

But here are some pictures of the past month, just some from my camera I have more on my phone but I'm trying to catch on the blog so I might have to add those later.

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