Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Years Party

In the last two years Dustin's family has done a New Year's party, and it's always fun. Lisa had the place decorated nice and there was really yummy food that I ate too much of.
We started the night with white elephant gift exchange. But before I continue, I need to give you some background story.

Last year, Dustin and I were getting ready to head to my inlaws for the new year's party when Dustin last minute told me that we needed to bring a white elephant gift, I was mad because I am a planner and I don't like doing things the last minute, and I was saying that I had to find something quick and it was going to be the lamest gift there(I can be somewhat competitive), when an idea popped in my head, (and it was probably because I was somewhat irritated that my husband told me last minute) I printed off a funny picture of Dustin and put it in a dollar store frame, I thought it was somewhat funny but didn't think anything of it. Well when Dustin's cousin, Bailey, got it everyone was laughing so hard and it became a hit that night. And it started become this inside joke, Bailey had it next to his bed all year long except the few time Dustin's, aunt Leslie, would but it on the guest night stand when any family came to visit, so many got to see this "famous" picture of Dustin. It was almost an honor to have it by your bed.

Well New years was coming again, and I was trying to think how I could top last year's white elephant when Dustin came home from an Art Teacher's convention in November and he said he went to a class about making dolls and that he designed a doll but they ran out of materials so he never made it, and when he showed me his design I asked if it was him (Dustin loves caricatures of himself so naturally he would want a cartoon doll of himself right?) and I started laughing and I told him it would be the perfect white elephant gift. So the night before the party I made the doll and put velcro on one of the hands so I could put accessories with it. I made a soccer ball, pencil, a slushy because that's what Dustin was drinking in the photo I printed last year, and a chocolate cake because his family teases how eats a lot of junk food, and it was a hit! The time to make it was soooo worth it!
The below picture is Rachel getting the famous picture of Dustin from last year. Everyone was cracking up and we passed it around for all to see.
Then this picture is seriously my favorite; Leslie and Bailey laughing so hard at the, as I called it, "Little Mr. Clark Doll".
Dustin and the doll. Dustin loved that thing, he wanted it so much but it gotten stolen too much and it was taken away from him. 

And some more white elephant gifts:
Then we played Bunco till midnight.
It was a fun night! And we are excited for the year 2016!

Photo credit, to Dustin's sister, Tiffany. 

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Nancy said...

I just love all your pictures of everything! What a fun idea for New Years to do white elephant gifts.