Sunday, January 24, 2016

Peter's First Birthday!

Peter had a birthday!

I love first birthdays! They are the best, and I love that I actually get to pick the theme.
So we did a little zoo/animal theme because it's adorable and I haven't done that one yet.
For birthdays I really like to set the table all cute for the kids to wake up to and they really enjoy that. I usually have the cake done as well, but with Peter's cake I decorated that day and the two older boys loved helping me, and right after they said it was time to take a picture. I must be rubbing off of them, they talk about decorating, and how things are "beautiful" in the store, and now they like to take pictures like me.

I thought the cake turned out cute and it was the easiest birthday cake I have made so far. While the boys were helping me frost we kept Peter entertained by letting him lick off the frosting, that boy was in heaven.
Thomas taking his pictures of the cake he helped decorate.
That night we had Dustin's sister and mom come over for dinner and cake. Peter was very excited about his cake (I think he was looking forward to the frosting) and cried every time Dustin cut into it and passed it to someone.
Then presents! Thomas and Oliver were more than willing to help him out.
It's crazy to think Peter is one, this past week I feel like my baby is not a baby any more! He is so fun to have in our family.

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