Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snap Shots

Well it's that time again to try and catch up on this blog here.
The past few weeks have been crazy as usual, and all three kids have been sick, that I haven't been to church the full three hours for a while that I'm starting to feel like I'm inactive and I have been missing the weekly spiritual uplift that church does for me.

Some things we have done beside being sick:

*Since we have been home a lot we have been playing and making all kinds of messes.
*The kids love playing on the bunk beds and they are so good at playing make-believe. I love it!
*We also have been playing a lot of games as a family. I love how my kids are getting that age where they like playing card and board games.
*The two older boys got hair cuts, I let Dustin buzz the boys' hair once a year, because I personally like them to have longer hair, and I'm always sad when he does it. Why am I attached to my boys' hair?
*I also opened my Etsy shop "officially" and so far no sales besides kind family members. So I didn't make my first 1k the first week... ha ha but still, I can't wait for that first sale.
*Also the past couple weeks I did my painting class for the Relief Society activity, I had Dustin do one of the samples before that way I had three samples for everyone to see, He's a lot better painter than I. It comes more natural for him.
The painting class was a success, and I might have cried a little in the beginning when I was telling them my journey as an artist, I don't know why I have been so emotional lately, I blame the lack of sleep from sick kids, but being an artist is hard ( I might blog about that later if I find the time). But I felt like the ladies had a blast that night, still today people have come up to me and told me how fun they had. It was a little crazy that night, and I learned a lot and there would be a few changes I would do  if I do a class that large again.  We are planning on doing another one for Super Saturday but I told them we might have to do two smaller classes vs one big one.
*What's also new is Dustin and I are taking another online art class, just when I thought things would slow down ha ha. One day Dustin came to me and said " I signed us up for that class we talked about doing and it starts in two days!" I don't think he realized when I said I wanted to take that class I didn't  mean right now ha ha. Oh well, so far it's going good, we are more working on how to see the subject matter that we are painting vs having a finished product so I don't know how much "artwork" from that class I will post on social media, but I am excited to learn more about art.

Anyway, here's to having hopefully a more healthy, less sick kids week.

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