Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We had a great Easter this year. I love Easter and I love the reason why we celebrate it! 
We started our celebrations Saturday morning with the kids' Easter baskets and we hid eggs through out the house. Then they had donuts and candy for breakfast, they were in heaven.
Later that afternoon we had another Easter egg hunt and yummy lunch! Thanks to the Cruz family! The boys were excited to get even more candy.
Then Sunday best. There isn't a picture of all three together because Peter fell asleep after church so we took his pictures afterwards maybe the next time we go to church I will take a picture of all three because I thought their little outfits were adorable; especially Peter with the hat!
Then Easter dinner. I had fun setting up the table, I love holidays, if you haven't noticed... so I had a great time getting things ready.  We had ham, funeral potatoes, homemade rolls, raspberry cream salad, lemon cupcakes, it was very yummy.

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