Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catching up and Thomas' 4 month pictures

We are doing well, things turned out well in Florida, and Dustin and I will be moving there mid May because he got a job offer, we are very excited for the new adventure and the nice weather! Also , {I don't know if I mentioned this already} but Dustin entered for a student art show couple months ago and one of his pieces got in, there were 7,000 entries and they only accepted 150, so it will be showing in New York at the Society of Illustrators but we just found out that it won an reward of $500, I'm so proud of him. Here is a link to the piece that won {it's not the finish version but it will give you an idea} It's kinda creepy painting but I like it.
Thomas is doing well, he just keeps getting cuter and cuter, he is known as the mohawk hair baby in our ward because his hair naturally sticks up, but one Sunday we gelled it down. He's a little guy for his age but he is very smart and very alert and always wants to join the party, I swear every time I try to put him to bed before we watch a show or something he stays up, but when nothing is going on he will go to bed, so I guess we have a social butterfly in our hands.
As for me, I've been just trying to figure out the whole mother thing, and try to do the best that I can and not corrupt my kid already, but I love it. I haven't done much art this last month because of traveling and the last few weeks I got sucked into Hunger Games, so if you want a page turner and an easy fun read I would recommend that series, so since that had taken over my life for a bit I'm excited to start working on art again. 
O, I guess a side note, this past week was my birthday and I turned 22, and I'm thinking when did that happen? Because that's how old my older siblings are? Than I realize nope, time is just moving by fast. But I had a good birthday, Dustin Spoiled me and got me some things and took me to Olive Garden yum!! We also went to this pretzel place near by which makes AMaZinG flavors of Pretzels that just the two of finish a huge bag of them! So life is good for the Clarks!

Getting read for church, we had to gel his hair down that day.

The two men in my life.

I love these two pictures... Thomas loves his daddy {I pretty sure daddy is his favorite} Dustin can get him to smile a lot more than me. 

Here are pictures of Thomas at 4 months! {What a cutie!} He's actually 4 and half now so I'm running behind on pictures.

Matching shirts, again Thomas loves Dustin


Anonymous said...

K first of all...holy cow how cute is your family!!!! I love it! 2nd I am so flippin excited that you are moving to Florida...not because it is further away from me but because I can come visit you and party!! well a mild partying now that you have a child and all. Tell Dustin I say congrats about his artwork! I miss you so much and I am glad to hear that everything is going great for you! Love ya!

Tari said...

Thomas is so cute! I'm glad things worked out for you guys with Dustin's job. Good luck with everything!