Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day# 5: Picture of favorite memory, but I'm going to do memories...

There were so many I couldn't just do one, and these aren't all of them, but these were the ones that I had pictures right on my computer.

Going to Palmyra with my family {June 2005}

Going to New  York for the first time with Dustin {sep. 2009}

Receiving my endowments {December 19, 2009}

Holding Thomas for the first time{Nov 7, 2010}

My wedding day {Dec 22, 2009}

New Year's 2008 celebrating with Aubrey, and Clarissa {not in picture} 

First Chocolate Fundue Party with Aubrey {Fall 2007}

Europe trip, aMAzINg! {summer 2008}

Dating Dustin, and hanging out in the Spori building{behind us} doing art work.

And yes, working at Porter's with these people, I still miss those fun times. 

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Anonymous said...

Ah Jess I feel so special that I made some of your favorite memories!! But its true some of my favs are definitely with you! Love you Jess!