Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heading Off!

Well tomorrow I'm heading to Washington DC, and Pennsylvania for about 2 weeks!!! I'm WAY excited, than Dustin will head over next weekend, since he couldn't ask too many days off.  
So Thomas and I decided to head to SeaWorld one last time before we leave, this time I tried to take some cool pictures because I haven't before because it's tricky when it's just Thomas and I. I had to hold him while I was taking all these pictures because I didn't want him to run off somewhere and also he wanted to see all the cool things too. Before we move I want to take more cool pictures but I think next time I will have Dustin come with me so I don't have to juggle Thomas and the camera. 
The Sea Turtles are new this year, and it's a really fun exhibit, the turtles are way fun to see swim around, at least the smaller ones, the big ones don't swim as much. The bottom picture is "Stitch", she is the main turtle and see is HUGE, easily 3/4 of me, she is also missing on of her fins, I guess they rescued her, and I think she might be 40-50years old? I know at least 20+. Anyway, she was awesome she came and posed for us, or she was just interested in my camera, but she started making Thomas nervous.

We are going to miss having SeaWorld so close.


Brianna said...

amazing pictures. You are so gifted!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Jess. You know you are amazing when you can shoot anything and it looks great!!

Nancy said...

I love that last picture! You are awesome! I hope you have a great time in D.C.!

Clarissa said...

Great pics!! Hope you have fun traveling! Can't wait fo ryou guys to move to UTAH!!!!!