Tuesday, May 22, 2012

There and Back Again

After a fun, crazy 2 weeks we are back!!! What a great time we had, so thank you for my mother-in-law for making it happen.
So here is a quick summary of what we have been up to, you might think this is a lot of pictures, but compared to everything we did, I actually didn't take that many pictures, I wished I had taken more but we were always on the go that sometimes it just didn't happen.

My first stop was Maryland where I got to see my sister and brother. The first couple of days my sister was gone for work so I watched her kids. Thomas wasn't used to having a lot of kids around but he got used to it pretty quick. That Saturday we had BBQ with my brother's family as well, it was fun to see everyone and Thomas loved playing with his cousins. I didn't take that many pictures while I was there but here are some pictures from our walk to the park one afternoon when the kids were still in school. 

Than Sunday I met up with Dustin's family in Hershey, Pennsylvania where we stayed in some nice condos (thank you grandpa and grandma Hayden).  
Monday was a hangout day so we went to some outlet malls, and later that evening Thomas and I went swimming.
Tuesday, we went to Chocolate World and we took the ride that shows you how they make hershey chocolate, Thomas loved that, he kept saying hi to the fake moving cows. The ride reminded me a lot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Than afterwards we looked at all the gift shops and Grandma Lisa bought some really long licorice that Thomas enjoyed quite a bit. 

Than Wednesday we woke up bright and early and headed to New York. I love New York so I was very excited. We walked all over New York to see all the great places that New York had to offer. We originally were going to try and go to Wicked through the Wicked Lottery but we were too late but we got an opportunity to get free tickets to go to the Late Show with David Letterman. Which was a fun experience. It was fun to wait in line because all the workers were trying to get us all pumped and have us work on our laughing and clapping skills for the show, and they were pretty funny themselves. They said we had to laugh and clap even if we didn't get the joke or we didn't think it was that funny. 
Also when we were waiting in line they told us that David Letterman will ask if anyone in the audience has a question for him before the show, and if he likes the question enough he will put in the show.
When we got seated they had a great band playing that we got to enjoy and they had a guy before had make a few jokes, then they had a movie with Alec Baldwin that told all the NOT TO DOs during the show and the movie was pretty hilarious. (side note before I forget, the building that we were in is really old and they have had many famous musicians perform there like the Beatles and Elvis.)
Than right before the show David Letterman came out and greeted us and said some funny things than he asked if anyone had a question for him, and my sister-in-law, Crystal,  shot her hand right up, and he picked her. She asked him what was the most embarrassing thing his mom has done to him, than his time was up and he had to start the show. Than after the first commercial he talks about Crystal and her question, so that was her 5 minutes of fame. 
It was really fun to see the behind the scenes of the show, commercial breaks were fun to watch because there would be dozen people swarming around David, talking, rewriting, people giving him coffee,  just very fast pace. Anyway it was really fun, and later that night we watched it in t.v.

To get to New York we took the Ferry from Staten Island but here are some pictures on our way back, the pictures are Brooklyn. 
Thursday we went to Hershey Park, and it was also the day that Dustin came from Orlando. It was a lot of fun, Thomas wasn't a big fan of the kiddie rides, but he did like the carousel. Lara, another dautgher-in-law, was nice enough to watch Thomas so Dustin and I could go on some roller-coasters together. It was weird not knowing this park since we have all the parks in Orlando memorized, so it was fun going somewhere new.

Than Friday-Monday, we went to Dustin's family's house and hang out around the pool, soaking up the sun. Saturday we got some family pictures, that I'm excited to see, so when we get those I will post them.
Than Sunday was Michael's farewell (Dustin's little brother) and he did amazing job on his talk. He will be a great missionary. Also it was fun going to church because we used to live there so it was fun seeing old friends.
Than Monday we flew back to Orlando, but before we did we hung out at Dustin's sister's house so here's a pictures of Thomas playing with his cousin, Audrey. 

I feel like this post doesn't give this trip justice, it was WAY fun, and there were a lot of funny stories, cars breaking down, and fun games, and just good, fun, family time.

And now we are worn out, so we are taking a little breather until this FRIDAY when Thomas and I are going to Texas to see my brother and my parents for a week!


West Family said...

Not sure we can compete with that ;)

Brianna said...

I have totally missed your posts. I've been excited to hear about all your adventures though. Sounds like you guys are having some fun! That's great!

Scott and Clarissa Dyer said...

Thomas is growing up so fast! He is so cute. Going to the David Letterman show sounds like a blast. I've only been to New York once in between flights on my way to Ireland. Great place to put on my list of adventures.