Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Snap Shots of Last Week

Last week daddy and Thomas went swimming. 
I can't believe how big Thomas is, this last few times we have been swimming he has been more gutsy and letting us throw him around (before he would cling on you) and with help, he will jump in the swimming pool, he loves it!

Also this week we had Dustin draw us, again, but this time Thomas came to help him, it was pretty hilarious.

Again, Thomas is getting so big. He loves "The Very Busy Spider" and a lot of times he will sit on a chair and "read" to himself. And this book has you doing animal sounds,  which he tries to do. A horse is "ha ha", a duck is "buack, buack", a dog is "eff eff", and owl is "ooo, ooo". It's pretty cute.         

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