Friday, January 18, 2013

It Will Grow Back, Right?

So Dustin has been begging me to let him cut Thomas' hair really short for about a year now,  and my response would go something like this: "After Easter, I want to take some cute pictures." or "After Halloween, because his long hair will be so cute with his costume" and so on and so on, there was always some holiday or event that was coming up and I didn't want to risk not liking his hair. Well last month I told Dustin he could cut his hair really short after Christmas, I personally was thinking RIGHT after Christmas so Thomas' hair could have a chance to grow out before his little brother comes, so I could take some cute brother pictures, well Dustin never really did it, and I figured it just wouldn't happen like the times before. Well, I WAS WRONG. The other day I heard the clippers and poor Thomas screaming, he hates haircuts but we've never used clippers on him before so he was really screaming.  I came in the room to stop Dustin, but he already started, I'm not going to lie I was traumatized between Thomas screaming and crying way hard, and seeing his beautiful hair falling on the floor. After a few minutes I told Dustin to stop and that it looked fine, and because I didn't want him to go any shorter, well once his hair dried we saw how uneven everything was, and he looked like Anne Hathaway did in Les Meserables, I should have taken a picture, but at the same time I didn't want to. I was very sad because I knew to fix it we would have to go shorter, so the following day, Dustin had to cut it again, and I decided to hang out at his grandparents house because I couldn't watch it. I don't know why I'm so attached to his hair? I'm not that attach to mine, so I don't know why I'm like this. Anyway, after a few minutes I head to our place and Thomas is still screaming, I hate watching it. I came up to comfort Thomas and I held him while Dustin finished, and Thomas was holding me for dear life and finally stop crying, but he wanted me for comfort, which NEVER happens with this kid. Rarely does he come to me for comfort like that. Anyway after a long process, and lot of hair Dustin finished. It looks a lot better than it did the first night but there are some bald spots because Thomas wouldn't stop moving, so in a few weeks it should look better. 
I'm still not used to it, I will admit I'm a little sad about  how short it is, ha ha, but it will grow back. I'm hoping I will like it more in a few weeks, but I think I will like the longer look better. We didn't realize how many calicks(sp) this kid has, so there are places where his hair sticks straight up, so it kinda looks funny. I think he is still cute, but I'm excited for his hair to grow out again.

So here are a few pictures of it, they aren't the best, but this house seems to never have good lighting, and this kid was not interested in taking pictures, but you get the idea... of his short, short hair.

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Clarissa said...

O MY GOODNESS!! he looks so grown up! Just in time to be a big brother. I love it!