Monday, January 7, 2013

Twenty Twelve

So I planned on doing a collage of pictures from the year 2012 earlier, but I didn't want to take the time. Than I saw other people had the same idea on their blogs and I liked it, so I broke down and did one myself as well. 

Twenty twelve was truly a great year, the best yet, so I hope this next year will live up to it.

So here is the cliche TOP 12 OF 2012:
(in no particular order)

12. Living in Orlando and seeing all the parks and beaches.
11. Traveling to Maryland,Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Idaho, Utah, and Denver.
10. Going to San Antonio and staying at a great resort and going to the caricature convention.
9. Celebrating 3 years of marriage.
8. Moving for the fourth time, and state since we have been married. 
7. Celebrating Thomas' 2nd birthday.
6. Finding out we were pregnant!
5. Involved in 2 fires and witnessing a drug chase (maybe not the top, but eventful) 
4. Dustin's first children's book printed.
3. Jessica getting commissions almost every month this year.
2. Making new friends.
1. Thomas got his first kiss this year. 

When I think of 2012 I think of it being a BLAST! 

We did so much and had so much fun, don't get me wrong their were also hardships and tears along the way, but it was a great year. 

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Nancy said...

I've seen this a couple times now and think it's really cute. I might break down and do one too! I'm glad you guys had such an eventful and good year!