Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oliver @ 4 Months

So last Thursday Oliver turned 4 months!
It's going by way too fast. 
He is such a delight and a great addition to our home, he can always cheer us up.
He's usually pretty happy for the most part, and usually gets Thomas laughing pretty good, those two interact so well. Whenever Thomas is crying or have some type of melt down, Oliver just smiles and laughs at him and before you know it, Thomas is cracking up as well. 

He's so close to rolling over that it will probably be any day now. He might have rolled over once but I'm not sure if Thomas helped him or not because I was in the other room. 

We LOVE having him around.

So here are his stats for me to remember:
He is 26in long- so he is a tall guy and weighs 14.15 pounds.

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