Sunday, May 26, 2013

San Antonio

Well we are here! 
It's been crazy and fun at the same time.

We planned on leaving to San Antonio right after Oliver's Dr appointment on Tuesday, when there was   tornado warnings through out the whole Dallas area and raining super crazy.

So ever since I have seen the movie "Twister" when I was a little girl I have always been somewhat scared about tornados, and now the incident at Oklahoma that has fed my fear a little more. So while I was at the Doctor's a girl was saying that after her daughter's appointment she was going straight home because of the tornado warning, and I was thinking she must be like me, and not from Texas, and a little paranoid, NOPE, turned out she was a Texan, so that made me even more nervous since a Texan was scared about the warnings.

Well after the appointment it started raining hard, I didn't think too much about it, I just wanted to get home so we could start driving down to San Antonio as soon as possible since it was getting late, then it started raining really hard and the wind was picking up and I barely could see what was going on. Things were flying around, than a huge cone, not the normal triangle cones, the big round ones, flew and hit the car, and this point was freaking out, and wondering if this was a start of a tornado, I'm an Idaho girl, I don't know what was going on. I pull over to a parking lot, wondering if I should get Oliver and run inside a store.  I call Dustin tried to act calm and asked what I should do? And said something like "And people complain about Idaho weather?", anyway, to make a long story short, I sat in the parking lot for a bit until the rain calmed a little, and what I mean by little is that I could somewhat see in front of me, and eventually came home. Now thinking about it, it seemed silly to be somewhat scared but when you are in the moment it's a little scary.

Dustin and I figured we would wait till the next day to head down, but the weather eventually calmed down and we decided to leave that night, and the drive went smoothly all the way, clear skies and all, we just arrived at the hotel a lot later than we originally planned. 

Than Wednesday, was apartment searching... my favorite (sarcastic tone)! I was not looking forward to it because of our apartment searching experience in Orlando. Well, fortunately, this round went A WHOLE LOT BETTER.  It was the third apartments we checked out, and it's SUPER NICE, I feel like we are staying at a resort here, and it's so close to SeaWorld. And first time I have actually liked our apartment, and we have a washer and dryer! And no scary neighbors ha ha! We've been calling this move a paid vacation, because we are staying at a nice place, have SeaWorld and Aquatica to go to. It's been great thus far.

Anyway, since we found an apartment so quick and we could move in on Friday we decided to hang out at the city and our hotel for a few days! It was GREAT! 

So here is a bucket load of pictures as usual, yes, I like to take pictures, and of course we had to get a picture of Oliver in front of the Alamo since he was born in Texas. We also got to go on a boat tour on the river walk which was my favorite part, and Thomas had a blast.

Anyway, it's been great, we have a great ward, they have already set us up with furniture (since we just packed what fit in our car, it's just what we do). There are a lot of schools out here looking for art teachers so Dustin will apply here as well, so we are hoping to either teach here or Dallas.

Anyway, we are excited to be here and start this new adventure!

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