Thursday, May 16, 2013

Really Behind & Catching Up

There has been a lot I have wanted to blog about but for some reason I have been super busy the last couple of weeks, and honestly, I couldn't tell you why-

 maybe it's the whole being a mother of two....

It hasn't helped that I have had allergies like there is no tomorrow...
 if Texas keeps this up I don't know how much longer I can take it.
  I have been having itchy, red, watery eyes.... congestion that won't stop, I haven't smelled or tasted anything for weeks, sore throat... it's been bad. And most medicines haven't worked, local honey has been the best but now the allergies have over come that too. 

So I'm pretty busy with my boys, than night time I'm usually trying to cover my eyes with a cold, wet towel to help with some of the suffering....

Anyway enough about allergies...

Another thing that has kept me busy is Dustin last week came up with the idea of moving again to either back to Orlando, or San Antonio to do caricatures again during the summer. 

LOVED the idea because I HAVE MISSED SEAWORLD so much! I know I'm like a kid, but it's true. And I'm all about a new adventure.

Well, we have decided San Antonio was our next destination and our last HURRAH before he gets a teaching job and maybe actually settle in one spot more than a year. 

And now we are moving a week earlier than we planned so we have been busy getting things ready, finding a place to stay down there while we look at apartments, trying to move Dr apt up before we leave, and packing. 

So we will be leaving Tuesday and hopefully find an apartment before Dustin's first day!
Anyway I'm excited, because I loved San Antonio when we visited there last year!
Can't wait to take Thomas and Oliver to SeaWorld everyday-because that's what I did in Orlando and loved it!

Anyway here are some pictures of the last few weeks/month: 
(sorry for the overload)

Thomas playing with some big balloons:

My Three Blessings:

And  A LOT of pictures of Oliver, because I just think he is that adorable, he truly is a sweet little spirit and has change me for the better, it's truly been an amazing experience:

Also this last month Thomas has had to be "Superman" and wear his cape EVERYWHERE. Every time we went to the store he had to put the cape on. Not so much now, but he used to make me do the curl with his hair as well, especially when he watched the old Superman cartoon from the early 40's, it was really cute. He is such a fun boy with so much imagination I hope he doesn't lose that while growing up.

Anyway, probably won't get a chance to blog till after the move. I'm excited about the move but sad that we are going to miss some family reunions in New Mexico and Colorado, so you guys will just have come visit us!

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