Monday, June 3, 2013

Theatre Posters

I'm really behind in blogging AGAIN. 

It'a been a little crazy because we just moved in a new place and figuring out a new city, I've gotten lost so many times here, but they have streets with the same names, who came up with that one? 

Anyway, and I had do one and half paintings, and touch up another within a week, so any time I had down time I was painting like crazy. There have been a few nights that I had to stay up pass 2 in the morning, that for a little bit I was thinking "Do I really want to be an artist?" because sometimes it was hard to get painting when it was 11 at night and was exhausted from the two little guys and trying to unpack everything as well, but I'm not going to lie, I like the pressure of a quick deadline sometimes, I like the challenge, except crunch time when you only have few hours and wondering if you will get done in time. 

I also have to thank Dustin, he has been awesome! On his day off he took the kids so I could put in a 5 hour day and just work, and his critiques were awesome and made my work that much better!

The Snow White was already done, I did this painting over 2 years ago, they just had me change her face expression than from the original. 

The Princess and the Pea was actually what got me the commission, they googled The Princess and the Pea and found my really rough sketch and loved it! But I never finished it, so thanks to this job I finally finished the painting I started 2 years ago!

Than they commissioned me to do the Jungle Book. To be honest, Jungle Book didn't sound that fun but I had a blast doing this one! So I originally had the bear blue but they wanted a brown bear so I had to make some changes but I think I like the blue bear better:

And they loved them! That's probably my favorite part seeing my client happy and excited from the results.

So now I will have some time to finish packing, catch up on this blog, and hopefully make our little apartment feel more like a home. 

I also want to say, that I feel truly blessed to have this talent, it has helped having some second income once and a while. I feel like I can be more effective wife because I can too, help Dustin with his commissions. And I know the Lord is blessing me, because I rarely get a chance to draw these last few months, since we have moved to Texas I have maybe drawn 5 times, so I should be losing my touch and not progressing from the lack of practice, but I feel like the Lord is blessing me because every time I start painting or draw I feel like I haven't missed a beat and I know it because of Him. 


Clarissa said...

Holy cow Jess!! Those are awesome!!! SOOO cute. I can't believe that you can just wip those out. You are amazing!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Awesome work! I"m so happy for you!

glad2bemommy09 said...

You are amazing!