Tuesday, June 4, 2013

San Antonio's SeaWorld!

YAY for SeaWorld!
Last week I got my pass and we went to SeaWorld for a couple hours, I was sooooo excited, pathetic, I know. Thomas was really excited as well, which made me even MORE excited. Poor kid, I kept telling him about the whales and that we were going to see them soon, but it took a couple of days before Dustin could get the ticket, so when I would drop Dustin off at work  we would see pictures of Shamu and statues, Thomas would ask if were going to see the Whales and I would have to tell him not that day. So when we finally could go, he was so excited. So the first thing we did was to see the Shamu show, and he loved it! That now every time we go to SeaWorld we see the Shamu show.
We've been almost everyday now, so every time we get in the car Thomas says, " Going to see the Whales?" I also love hearing him talk about the show and how the whales "fly" out of the water. We still haven't seen everything because we just go a couple hours at a time. I haven't gone on all the rides yet either, but it was nice to get back on a roller-coaster, it's been WAY TOO LONG!
There are things I like better here than Orlando's SeaWorld, but overall I have liked Orlando's better, maybe my opinion will change once I know this park better, because it's still all new, but I feel like Orlando has more animals and so far all the exhibits that I have seen have been smaller here. And they don't have my all time favorite show, but I like the Aquatica water park better here, it's a little smaller but the set up is a lot better in my opinion. 
I'm hoping to take advantage here and take awesome pictures of the animals, since I didn't do that very much in Orlando, but our first day I just mainly took pictures of the kids "first time" experience.

So if anyone wants to come down and see SeaWorld let us know, we love having visitors! And we have a lot more room in this apartment than the one in Orlando!

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glad2bemommy09 said...

Looks like you guys were having fun!